GIS station - 150 kV (Jose Ignacio)

Área: Eléctrica.

Cliente: UTE.

Lugar: Jose Ignacio, Maldonado.

Estado: In progress. 


 Supply, installation and construction of a high voltage 150 kV high voltage "turn key" station based on SF6 insulated GIS cells, class 170 kV, self-supporting for interiors and will have an installation 31.5kV medium voltage based on air insulated shielded cells, class 36 kV for indoors.

  • Characteristics:
    • Property Area: 15.000 m2.
    • Built surface: 1.500 m2.
    • Reinforced concrete: 1.800m3.
    • Soil movement: 5.000m3.
    • 150 KV transformers: 2 un.
    • GIS SF6 equipment: 1 un.

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