Scientific Police headquarters building

  • Area: Civil and Architecture.

  • Client: Ministerio del Interior.

  • Location: Montevideo.

  • Status: In process. 

Executive project and turnkey construction of a multi-programmatic building of approximately 3,500 m2, developed on 6 levels where the departments of Forensic Ballistics, Road Accidentology and Labor, Expert Inspection, Computer Forensics, Photography and Acoustics, Planimetry, Facial Identification will be located and Jewels, Criminal Identification Computer, Decadectilar, Biological Laboratory, the Criminalistic School and the National Registry of Genetic Footprints

  • Characteristics:
    • Built-up area: 3.580m2.
    • Soil movement: 3.000 m3.
    • Concrete in situ: 1.273m3.

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