Parking "Florida"

Area: Civil and Architecture. Client: Dusgon Corporation S.A. Location: Montevideo - Centro Status: In process.

The works include the executive project and the construction of a parking lot with capacity for 95 cars and 19 bicycle spaces, distributed in a semi-basement level, ground floor level, mezzanine level, 8 upper levels and finally the level of cover.

The structure of the building will be metallic, with steel-deck type slabs, and the façade will be lined with five types of facing, including a glazed area and an area lined with perforated aluminum sheet.

  • Characteristics:
    • Metal Structure: 230 tons.
    • Plain concrete pavements: 4500 m2.
    • GRC panel facade: 1050 m2.
    • Micro-perforated sheet metal facade: 350 m2.
    • Pipe fire extinguishing: 2340 m.


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